I have a colony of feline animals of 16 cats and 2 dogs: Pepe, Leo, Gennarino, Pasqualino, Ciccina, Serafina, Serafinello, Gelsomino, Teo, Isidoro, Desiderio, Emma, Picci, Zelda, Dora and Arturo; my cute 2 dogs are Sole and Luna.   All my passion for cats and dogs started in tender age but particularly with the first meeting with a feral cat named Tommy, a cute mixed carthusian grey cat, very chatty boy and always affectionate. My two dogs, Sole and Luna, were abandoned one year ago by unknown people. It was a stressful time for Covid quarantine because my family was not allowed to leave the city to visit Sole and Luna where they were, in the countryside. Thanks to a lovely neighbour they grew up with love and sustained by my family with food supplies and medicines . My community cats is my happiness and my family, they living in Sicily in the countryside in a safety place, my family try to do the best for them and their welfare with kindness and an understanding of its needs together with a lovely neighbor. I miss them every day. Our vet sterilized most of cats but we would like to castrate all of them and the new kittens. Please help me to achieve that. Kennels and catteries don't work properly, they have no money to help their furry hosts. The bureaucracy is not easy and neutering for free cost needs a very long time. So we prefer do it privately with vets but private veterinary fees are expensive. Please I ask just a little help for neutering, vaccinations for the new kittens, food and medicines. We give them special love in a safety place called home with the garden and space. Homing and neutering will continue to be a big part of what we do for the foreseeable future.   We need your support to make sure my lovely pets can still be happy and healthy at risk of suffering, loneliness and diseases. Thank you!   Our Aims and Objectives  
  • To provide care and refuge for cats and kittens both feral and domestic and for those animals which on the basis of age, temperament or appearance would not normally be taken in elsewhere
  • To promote the welfare of animals through example and education
  • To reduce the risk of diseases by neutering
  • To afford private veterinary fees for castration, medicines, vaccinations and food
  • To afford the cost of treatment in sick / injured animal clinics due to the high private veterinary fees
  • To operate a rescue service for animals, both domestic and feral, in emergency situations through calls from the public, local authorities and the police
  • To provide long and short-term sanctuary accommodation and rehoming facilities for rescued animals.